About NT Valuers

Completely independent, NT Valuers has a strong record dating back to the late 1990s when it was first founded. We are dedicated and professional at all times in our approach to completing property valuations. It is because of our accuracy and diligence that clients repeatedly come back to us for future valuations. Every team member employed by NT Valuers has the industry recognised property valuation qualifications and a comprehensive valuation background so you can have the certainty that the final valuation report you receive from us is true and accurate.

When assessing the value of a property, the valuers take the time to go through every aspect that might influence the property’s value with a fine tooth comb and participate in regular training courses so that they have the skills and knowledge to analyse and interpret the property data and sales records.

Adhering to the Northern Territory’s legislation, the team at NT Valuers also adhere to the continuing professional development guidelines laid out by the Australian Property Institute (API). NT Valuers staff are rigorously trained in the areas that they value properties in. Valuations NT supports every staff member in improving their valuation skills.

We have strict policies and procedures in place and ensure that every staff member conducts their valuations with the company’s core values which are:
Brilliant communication; Compliance with the Australian Property Institute (API) protocols; Confidentiality; Honesty; Integrity; Professionalism; Value adding.

As we are part of a nationwide valuation firm, our team of valuers utilise first-class property databases with the most exhaustive property data. Property data is a huge component in our valuation report formation.

We understand that property is the most valuable asset that an individual or company can own. We therefore know that if you’ve ordered a property valuation there is generally an important reason for doing so. For that reason, our property valuers do not have quotas to meet and can take the time necessary to finish your valuation report.

To book in with a highly qualified and professional property valuer, pick up the phone and call us on (08) 8911 1505.