Retail Property Valuers

When you’re getting your most valuable asset valued you want to know that you’ve got the right team doing it and that the valuation is accurate. That’s where NT Valuers comes in. We’ve been valuing retail property for more than two decades and as members of the Australian Property Institute (API) we place a strong emphasis on training and professional development. We are keen to help our valuers refine their valuation skills so they can improve their service to you.

Retail property valuation is important whether you’ve owned the business for a while, are planning to buy it or intend to sell the business. It’s pretty self explanatory that when you get a retail property valuation you’re doing so for a purpose and intend to use the information to help inform a financial decision.

A retail property valuation is a comprehensive report with details on:
The floor plan including the functionality and size; Services in the area; Income sources; Quality and tenure of the tenants; The lease terms – the length of the lease and the value of the lease in relation to other market rents; The general marketability of the property based on market conditions in the Northern Territory and the rest of the country; Photographs and analysis of previous sales and rental history. The earning potential based on the current market; The performance compared to similar businesses; The future cashflow potential and the business risk.

While our retail property valuers make the most of the best property databases, they are also local to their valuation area so they know all the little details that can impact the price of a property. We offer property valuations for a myriad of retail property types including, but not limited to: All types of retail stores including electronics stores, fast food stores, specialist retail and supermarkets etc.; Rural shopping centres; Shopfronts; Suburban retail strips; Vacant land.

When valuing a retail property, the valuer will review the following internal attributes: Anticipated revenue growth; Margin between the total revenue and net income; Net income; The percentage of the business being transferred to a buyer.

They will also review the financial documents within the business including the: Before tax profit; After tax profit; EBITDA (the earnings before interest and taxes and amortisation and depreciation); The assets in comparison to liabilities.

If you would like more information on our retail valuation services we would be happy to have a discussion with you so get in touch with us on (08) 8911 1505.