Residential Property Valuation

Australians all over the country, including in the Northern Territory, are enthusiastic about property and constantly talk about property prices. People like to talk about them increasing, decreasing and the rate of the activity. Therefore you may have questions about what your property is worth and want influences the price of it. The following things are just a few of the aspects that have an impact on the price of property:
The time on the market The property’s zoning The area’s economic growth and development Rental vacancy rates Whether or not the locality is experiencing population growth and gentrification The supply levels of comparable properties in the area Population growth Interest rates Negative gearing and other taxes The historical performance in the suburb International interest in the area.

People often get residential real estate valued when they’re looking to purchase property so they don’t pay more than what a property is actually worth. The reality is that even if someone offers more than what a property is worth they’ll struggle to get finance because the lender wants to minimise their risk, so a property valuation is also important if you’re selling your property.

A residential property valuation is also important when you’re planning your financial future and our residential property valuers can value your property for a range of purposes such as:
Capital gains tax Estate planning Insurance purposes Litigation Retirement planning.

Even if the property is held in a trust or company it is recommended that you get the property valued regularly, especially when the property was transferred between related parties.

NT Valuers valuers perform a variety of property advisory services including, but not limited to:
Compulsory acquisition valuations Estate matters such as Probate tax valuations Pre-purchase or pre-sale advice valuations Property settlement negotiation valuations Rent reviews/Rental determination valuations Stamp duty or capital gains tax valuations.

We take great pride in how responsive we are and aim to inspect your property within two days of your original enquiry. After the inspection is completed we aim to send your finalised property report to you within 3-5 days of the inspection.

An inspection can be arranged by calling (08) 8911 1505.