Plant and Equipment Valuers

If you need a plant and machinery valuation then we are the right team for you. Our helpful and experienced staff are ready to help start your valuation process today. The team at NT Valuers are your best choice in the Top End.

We bring with us a wealth of knowledge and experience gained from years of work in the field. We are passionate about providing the most professional and trustworthy plant and machinery valuation service that the state has to offer. We can do this thanks to our high standards of quality and professionalism as well as Australian Property Institute (API) certified valuers, each with over 20 years’ experience in their fields.

We only do one thing here at NT Valuers, valuations. We are in no way involved with the buying and selling of plants or machinery. That means that we only have one objective in working with you and exceeding your expectations. We ensure a certified comprehensive report that works for you and your needs, whatever they may be.

How does NT Valuers, Value my Plant and Machinery?

We start with a list of all your plant and machinery assets. This master list must include all items that are to be valued and each item must be described in a detailed manner. Information like make, model and dimension help us to value each asset with a high level of certainty.

Many times your valuer will need to visit the site of your plant and machinery in order to inspect and list your assets. In other cases this step can be satisfied with photos of each asset and any information provided by you. Once your valuer has all the information they need from you, they can begin compiling your Plant and Machinery Valuation report.

This certified report will detail the value of all your plant and machinery assets. The value of each item will be shown as well as the total value. Depending on your needs this report can also show the value of your assets as they would have stood at a previous retrospective date.

Do I need a Plant and Machinery Valuation from NT Valuers?

A certified plant and machinery valuation is required for a wide range of reasons. Anytime you need to prove the worth of your plant or machinery whether for selling, securing a loan or anything else an impartial valuation is key.

The team at NT Valuers are the experts when it comes to all valuations related purposes. We help you unlock the potential wealth that you already own. We know that it's important to know the value of a house or plot of land, but it’s just as important to know how much your plant and machinery is worth.

Why should I use NT Valuers for my Plant and Machinery Valuation?

Our certified valuers will work with you to make sure we produce a valuation that's tailored to your requirements. We want to understand exactly what you are looking for in a plant and machinery valuation so we can best help you achieve your goals.

We can do this thanks to our years of experience as each member of our valuation team has undergone an average of six years of education. A tertiary education in the specialised field, followed by a two-year traineeship which allows our valuers to be certified by the Australian Property Institute (API). But that is not all. With over 20 years’ experience our independent valuers have real world experience in all property, business, plant and machinery valuations services.

How do I begin a Plant and Machinery Valuation?

All you need to do to start your plant and machinery valuation process is to contact us at (08) 8911 1505. Our professional staff will then ask a few simple questions and provide you with a quote. Once we know what it is you are looking for, we will be sure to find the valuer that fits your needs the best and is local to your area.

Your certified valuer will then collect all the necessary information, possibly including a site visit. we will provide you with a detailed report in as little as 5-7 business days from the day of inspection, guaranteed!