Compensation Property Valuation

The Federal or State Government has the authority to compulsorily acquire private land regardless of whether or not you want to sell. Under Section 51 of the Constitution of Australia they can do so for a variety of purposes such as building a new motorway, other infrastructure, public safety or if they can’t get hold of you for any reason. When the government acquires your land you may be eligible for compensation depending on the property’s value so it’s worth getting your property valued to ensure you get fair compensation.

It is very rare that you will be able to contest the compulsory acquisition so the best you can hope for is compensation. The amount of compensation that you may be eligible for will depend on the value of the land so it’s worth getting a compensation valuation from an independent and reputable property valuer.

Getting compensation can be a lengthy process and the government will require a property valuation so they pay the correct amount of compensation.

NT Valuers is an independent property valuer that holds Australian Property Institute (API) membership so we’re aware of the rules and regulations governing the property industry.

We have a distinguished reputation amongst government entities and are up to date with the current legislation so we are Darwin’s preferred property valuer. We have considerable experience in assisting federal and state governments in their goal to calculate the right compensation amount for properties that they have taken over.

NT Valuers considers it our responsibility to ensure that clients get an accurate and fair value for their property when it’s valued.

Each of our valuers has at least 15 years local valuation experience so they know all the factors that can influence the value of your property.

If your land is in the process of being compulsorily acquired then get in touch with us for a compensation valuation. We’re available on (08) 8911 1505 and our valuer can usually inspect your property within 48 hours of your enquiry.

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