Financial Reporting Property Valuation

Although it’s common and expected that people will get a property valuation when they’re buying or selling, it is helpful to get a property valuation during the course of ownership so you know the state of your finances. Knowing the state of your financial affairs can assist you with budgeting and making decisions such as whether or not to: Buy or sell the property; Draw on equity to renovate the property; Amend your insurance commitment; Draw on the equity in the property to purchase another investment property; Refinancing; Scale up or scale down your business’s operations.

NT Valuers complete financial reporting valuations in compliance with the Australian Accounting Standards Board. The Australian Accounting Standards Board is an independent accounting body that sets the standards for the industry.

NT Valuers’s property valuers come highly recommended and we have conducted numerous valuations for local and state government agencies, large private companies, mining businesses and other private institutions throughout Australia including in, but not limited to NSW, Victoria, Queensland, and the Northern Territory.

A financial reporting valuation will contain the fair market value of certain assets and liabilities. The fair market value is an estimate of the potential selling price of the asset or assets that could be expected if the property was to be listed on the market. It is typically based on internal and external factors such as: Aesthetics; Condition of the property; Economic conditions; Interest rates; Investment potential; Location; Renovation Size of the property (including the usable space); Supply and demand.

Why choose NT Valuers?

NT Valuers has been supplying property valuations to businesses and individuals for over 20 years and we hold Australian Property Institute (API) membership which means that we complete all our valuations with a strict adherence to industry best practice. That ensures that all valuations we do are completed to a high standard. We are the preferred company for lawyers, government entities and lawyers due to our diligence and independence in undertaking our property valuations.

To co-ordinate a time for one of our skilled property valuers to inspect your property get in touch with us on (08) 8911 1505.