Mortgage Security Valuation

Many Territorians turn to NT Valuers when they need to get a property valuation. We’ve been valuing properties for over two decades and although we do not complete mortgage security valuations, we do believe in sharing our knowledge on what a mortgage security valuation is. Generally, a mortgage security valuation will be completed on behalf of your lender that verifies the value of your property. Lenders require a mortgage security valuation before they will unconditionally approve your loan because they want to want to confirm that the property could be used as security for the loan. This acts as assurance that if you defaulted on the loan, they could recover the money you were lent if the property had to be sold.

Although we are not able to offer mortgage security valuations, we can offer current market valuations. A current market valuation is a valuation report giving you details of the property’s current value and is based on numerous external and internal factors such as: The property’s energy efficiency; Location – Location is a major factor in determining the value of property; Supply and demand; Market performance and economic confidence: Demographics and the population; Investment potential; Renovation potential; The property’s general aesthetics; The size of the property including common facilities such as a swimming pool, gym, outdoor entertaining area and secure parking.

Why choose NT Valuers?

Most prospective home buyers are unaware that when they apply for a mortgage, the lender will generally arrange professional valuation. This valuation will generally be on the conservative side meaning that it will be below market value. The reason for this is that banks (or other lenders) want to protect the funds that they have lent and confirm that it can be used as security against the loan.

NT Valuers is an independent property valuation that holds Australian Property Institute membership, and we adhere to their training and development philosophy and their Code of Ethics. We support our valuers in improving their skills by providing them with opportunities to attend regular training and development sessions.

We over a fast turnaround time at a reasonable price and aim to value your property within 48 hours of your initial enquiry. You will then be sent the valuation within 3-5 business days of the inspection. To organise an inspection time that suits, give us a call on (08) 8911 1505.